Office workers, pass an  average  of  80,000 hours of his life.  A big commitment, which is not always supported by the quality of the environment in which it operates. Yet habitat quality is directly proportional to the productivity of each, and his community.
Rem Italia  knows.  For thirty years it is close to the world of work with forms, archive and software. It specializes in office furniture, supplies and disposal of it ,  like   : community furniture, canteens, schools, entertainment centers, libraries and conference rooms.

Rem Italia has always been a synonymous of  quality furniture ,  designed to make more pleasant and functional workstation offering a minimalist design without sacrificing style, pure ergonomic shapes, solid certainties in materials, customized to the  needs  and designed to live in harmony with the environment.
Choosing  Rem Italia means,  relying on professionals for the office furniture.


Among the designs made by Rem Italia  you can choose between the many lines  manufactured to furnish any office:  from workstation, reception , to management and Presidential need.


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